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Well, Diego and I have covered our Monday morning weekend recap up here in the Treehouse from Kate’s baby to the Mayweather fight. Here are our unresolved questions:

  1. What would it require to leave the hospital within 6 hours after giving birth to an 8.6 pound baby delivered in less than 2 hours of labor?
  2. And then also presenting this new baby on the steps of the hospital in the most perfect silk tunic dress and heels looking like you just stepped out of a day spa with a fresh blowout, makeup application, and manicure?
  3. And was that baby even real? My baby’s upper and lower eyelids didn’t meet until he was well past 2 years old.

This is our real baby Jack, pretending to sleep on the day he was born.

We’ve decided it might require being a princess and having a personal staff of 9-10 people dedicated to such things, PLUS a staff of up to 3 for that fake baby of hers. Let’s not allow the unsettling events of this weekend make us working moms feel any less amazing than we already do. It just isn’t reality, girls. My baby Jack was 11 pounds and (duh) delivered C-section, I was pregnant for 15 months*and I didn’t leave the hospital for 5 glorious days. I also didn’t brush my hair until his 11th birthday.

Okay, so that is not all we discussed today. The biggest news up here really is our new NEW WEBSITE that we soft-launched on Friday afternoon. We want to know what you think! Watch your email inbox later today for a free freight code for trying it out. We’re getting closer to pulling our act together!

XO, Christi

*Not really, I was pregnant for 17 months, but who’s counting?

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